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Corey Jones

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I am a general assignment reporter who predominately writes about public health, public safety and justice reform. I'm in journalism to help make this community, state, country and, ultimately, world a better place.

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"What we are seeing in Tulsa is our hospitalizations are primarily, of course, unvaccinated patients and patients from surrounding counties," said Bruce Dart, Tulsa Health Department's executive director. "We're not getting as many people from Tulsa County."

Biden administration provides Oklahoma with $9 million for rural COVID-19 response

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Corey Jones

Baker has been arrested, correct. Police are searching for another person they believe to be involved in the shooting, which they have identified as Rose. Harris is the man who was killed.

Corey Jones

The state did pick up its prisoners that were being held in county facilities that lost their DOC contracts.

Corey Jones

Luke Sherman did run for the shortened term, however he lost in the primary. Only one of the Republican candidates could move on to the general, and that person was Vic Regalado.

Corey Jones

Bill Reaves hasn't supplied us with a photo of himself despite requests for one.

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