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Twitter-apy session: It appears Mike Gundy got your attention

Twitter-apy session: It appears Mike Gundy got your attention

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OSU Football

Oklahoma State's Mike Gundy signs autographs during the school's fan day event in Stillwater, Okla., on Saturday, August 6, 2016. MATT BARNARD/Tulsa World

Mike Gundy got your attention with his recent comments about Big 12 expansion and Houston potentially joining the conference. His money quote: “I think right now we’re pretty much clueless.”

David on Twitter said: “Forget ‘One True Champion.’ This should be the Big 12 slogan.”

(I’m willing to give the conference the benefit of the doubt, that when this silliness is over with, Bob Bowlsby will have come up with a strategy that makes sense. Right now, though, I don’t blame David and others who believer nonsense is carrying the day.)

MMA, an OU grad, tweeted: “Mike Gundy may be HC at Oklahoma State, but I always enjoy his bluntness!”

(I enjoy it as well. I imagine Bob Stoops has some pretty strong feelings on expansion as well, but he’s playing it straight down the middle. I don’t blame him. OU gets plenty of mileage out of David Boren already.)

Brad tweeted: “Not that there is ever ‘one voice’ with Big 12 issues, but Gundy really broke ranks on this. Makes some good points.”

(My guess is more than one conference coach texted him "tnx" after the comments got out. You wonder if another will be willing to go public like that before this is over. The only reason I asked Gundy about the issue is because K-State offensive coordinator Dana Dimel made his feelings known. Maybe the revolution is on, though I tend to doubt it.)

Ben tweeted: “If the Fed Ex guy is really willing to dump $500 million into Memphis, then add them and BYU and you’re back at 12.”

(You can’t add four. You might be able to get away with two without looking terribly foolish. In that case, you’re choosing between BYU, Houston and Cincinnati. Not Memphis. I still think that unless Bowlsby has a trick up his sleeve, he ought to gulp down his pride and stand pat until the next Power 5 shakeup occurs in the mid-2020s.)

Patrick tweeted that what Gundy essentially said was “UH makes it too hard for me to recruit Houston. Waa. Waa. Waaaaaaa.”

(A Big 12 UH does make it harder on Gundy and other league coaches who already have to fight to pull Texas kids out of Texas. It’s interesting. Here we were thinking the main opposition to UH’s addition would be the Big 12’s Texas members, but Gundy’s assessment sort of flips that. If others feel as he does, I don’t see how UH gains the eight necessary votes required to get in.)

Matt tweeted: “OU destroys this narrative.”

(Not necessarily. The Sooners haven’t exactly cleaned up south of the Red River since Baylor and TCU sprouted their wings. You think Stoops is crazy about empowering Houston as well? He’ll still get Texas players, same as Gundy, but man what a fight to get them.)

Walker tweeted: “My Rebels beat him in the 2010 Cotton Bowl and last year’s Sugar Bowl. He’s scared.”

(I don’t think Gundy is scared so much as practical.)

Spencer tweeted: “Two Big 12 coaches in a week say no to UH because they’ll get too strong. Find a coach in the SEC that’d say that.”

(You probably wouldn’t, but I’ll bet several would think it. Which makes Gundy’s candor so refreshing.)

Del tweeted: “What a non story. If the conference were adding Tulsa, he may have a beef. At least now he can offer Houston kids a home game.”

(But Gundy recruits Houston as much as Tulsa. If you look at the caliber of talent he’s pulled from that city, he depends on it even more.)

Adam tweeted: “Houston signed a 5-star player last year, and that’s with them in the AAC.”

(Yep. Ed Oliver is a true freshman defensive tackle who might line up against OU in the Sept. 3 opener. If Tom Herman stays with the Cougars, and they wind up in the Big 12, there might be more where this came from.)

Chief tweeted: “Interesting that he complains of state politics being involved but no complaints about Okla state politics keeping OU and OSU together.”

(I honestly don’t know if state politics would keep the Bedlam schools together should they get swept up in the next realignment frenzy. I’m sure it would be a factor, but I can’t believe it would be as big a deal as it is in Texas. When Gov Abbott declared his support for Houston joining the Big 12, it was like a parody come to life.)

I’ll toss in an email as well. This came from Gadfly: “I smiled as I perused your recent piece regarding Coach Gundy’s comments regarding Houston’s potential entry into the Big 12. His observations underscore what I have asserted for years: without Texas talent, neither of the big football programs in this hick state would be competitive.”

(I’m not sure any man who has ever coached college football in Oklahoma would disagree with you, Fly. I just don’t think he’d put it quite like that.)




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