Happy birthday to the late Jim Thorpe, whose birthday was either May 22, 1887 or May 28, 1888.

As reported by The Oklahoman, Thorpe's daughter Grace Thorpe said her father's birth records were destroyed in a fire. The birth date listed on his mausoleum is May 28, 1888.

But in 1979, she reportedly found baptismal records that showed Jim and his twin brother, Charles Thorpe, were born May 22, 1887, in Keokuk Falls, Indian Territory.

Regardless of whether he would have been 132 or 133 years old this year, (he died March 28, 1953 at aged 65), there is no debate that Thorpe was one of the greatest athletes of the 20th century.

He was both an Olympic champion (1912 decathlon and pentathlon) and an inaugural member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

While his final resting place was in a Pennsylvania town named Jim Thorpe, he has multiple Oklahoma ties. He attended the Sac and Fox Indian Agency school in Stroud; and the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame annually awards the Jim Thorpe Award to college football's top defensive back.

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