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OSU football head coach, Mike Gundy, speaks during the 'A Night with OSU' event at the The Joint/The Hard Rock Casino in Catoosa on August 12, 2019. JOSEPH RUSHMORE for Tulsa World

Tweet from DBrawn: “I’m sure we’ll see a column from you soon on the nothing-burger email receipts released today.”

The reference here is to internal OSU emails obtained and published by Matt Brown and Daniel Libit of The Intercollegiate on the subject of Gundy and his One America News Network fandom.

The concern of a few OSU professors from the report was interesting but predictable. So was the scrambling in OSU’s PR department to react.

More revealing was the concern of OSU booster Peter Erdoes, who called for Gundy’s immediate suspension pending an investigation. Erdoes, as Brown and Libit pointed out, has a fairly rich investment in Cowboy athletics.

Gundy has run hot and cold with some prominent OSU boosters in the past, Boone Pickens most obviously. The last thing he needs, regardless of the circumstances, is more animus there.

Aside from the booster issue, the emails report served mostly to underscore how embarrassing this whole episode has been for the university. That includes Gundy’s April 10 email to OAN requesting “gear” he would wear “proudly.”

Remember Gundy’s “I was a dumbass (for) not knowing enough about the shirt” comment to ESPN after everything blew up? He knew about the shirt and the network it promoted. It didn’t take that April 10 email to prove that.

Recall that Gundy shilled for OAN during his notorious pandemic teleconference of April 7.

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