Avery Anderson

Avery Anderson, seen at an Oklahoma State basketball practice in August, was named the winner of the dunk contest at OSU’s Homecoming and Hoops event at Gallagher-Iba Arena Friday night.


STILLWATER — The football game was Saturday, but Oklahoma State’s men and women’s basketball teams joined in on the homecoming celebration with some entertainment on Friday night.

Fans packed Gallagher-Iba Arena with nonstop yells and cheers for Homecoming and Hoops. Both teams got to show a little personality, with each player dancing to their own song as an introduction.

“We’ve got quite some personalities,” men’s basketball coach Mike Boynton said. “We’ve got some more guys who feel like they can win a dance contest.

“Hidde (Roessink) has fully embraced himself in the culture here, so that was awesome to see as well.”

Roessink is a 6-foot-10 freshman from The Netherlands.

Players from both teams competed in a 3-point contest, but the highlight of the night was the dunk contest. Senior captain Cameron McGriff squared off against freshmen Kalib Boone, Avery Anderson III and Marcus Watson.

Anderson, who was Boynton’s pick to take first place, was the winner. He completed two backflips while the women’s team freshman guard Micah Dennis put the ball between her legs and threw an alley-oop off the backboard for his first dunk.

Anderson wanted to jump over Boynton, but the coach said jumping over people was off-limits. Although he didn’t get to do his first choice, Anderson still was pleased.

“I rate my performance a 10,” Anderson said. “I had a good pass from Micah, my friend on the girls’ basketball team. We didn’t even practice, that’s the funny thing. She did her thing and I did mine.”

The highlight dunk was the first-round slam that Watson couldn’t get down. Natasha Mack threw the ball off the side of the backboard for Watson to catch and bring the ball between his legs.

They executed every aspect of the dunk except for the finish. Watson came so close to throwing it down on his three attempts that the judges gave him an extra attempt but he still couldn’t finish.

“I did it like last year,” Watson said of the attempted dunk. “I should have practiced it a little more.”

Although his attempt was a crowd favorite, Watson was disqualified from advancing to the second round because he didn’t finish his dunk. That left Boone, the Tulsa native, and Anderson in the final round.

Boone threw an alley-oop to himself and went between the legs for his second dunk but couldn’t finish, either.

That left Anderson with an easy win after throwing an alley-oop to himself and finishing with a low-maintenance dunk.

Frank Bonner II