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TikTok user @mindfulgoods shares a low waste dishwashing routine that involves a biodegradable sponge, a dishwashing soap block, and a wooden compostable dishwashing brush.

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You can cut back on kitchen waste and feed your plants at the same time with this DIY eggshell fertilizer from TikTok user @maya.sarah19. To make the fertilizer, crush up leftover eggshells and cover with water. After two days, you can water your plants with the mixture.

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TikTok user @chelsychristina, the small business owner behind Mindful Goods, knows a thing or two about selecting sustainable products. In her video “5 Things I Don’t Buy Anymore,” the eco-conscious creator breaks down low waste swaps for common household items, from using rags or bamboo toilet paper instead of paper towel and tissue to eliminating disposable makeup wipes by swapping for reusable cotton rounds.

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Going green isn’t just great for the environment—it can also be great for your wallet. As EcoTok creator explains, a low waste lifestyle can help you save money while you save the planet. Her low waste and budget friendly swaps include reusable wool dryer balls, a reusable cooking oil spray bottle, and a long-lasting shampoo bar.

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Opening a gift has become the ultimate Oscar-worthy performance, but before you ruin this year’s performance, find a way to actually get gifte…

“It ain’t so much the things we don’t know … it’s the things we know that just ain’t so.”

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