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Dear Dr. Fox: I saw your column in the paper about how Bravecto can give dogs aggressive behavior, seizures, etc. What do you suggest, besides that medication, to prevent fleas and ticks? — K.R., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Zuzu was found in Honor Heights Park skinny and covered in ticks. Since then, she’s grown into a sweet, silly... View on PetFinder

Summertime is outdoor time. It’s also tick time. Four kinds of ticks can be found in the Skiatook area: American dog tick, lone star tick, bla…

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Dear Doctor: I got bitten by a tick, and my doctor said it might make me allergic to meat. That was a few months ago, and I can still eat a hamburger and not get sick. How long does it take for the allergy to start? Will it ever go away?

Please welcome Abu to SPACAR! Abu is from our Aladdin litter and he is AVAILABLE! Abu is a 4 month old heeler mix who is neutered, vaccinated,…


In the old days, a few bug bites, ticks around the belt or neckline and a good case of sunburn just meant you had a good July 4 weekend. These…

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