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Special Session

The 57th Oklahoma Legislature consists of two regular sessions (2019 and 2020) plus all special sessions convening prior to the 58th Legislature (2021-2022).

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We'll admit that we've gone back and forth concerning the need (and wisdom) of a special session of the Oklahoma Legislature to deal with State Question 788. After going both ways in recent week, we're back to thinking the health board might get it right, although we frankly don't have much faith in anyone involved in the process at this point. The board needs to reconvene quickly, fix its mistakes and get out of the way of popular sovereignty. Otherwise, we're back to relying on the Oklahoma Legislature to fix the problem, which is leaning on a broken crutch. 

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Bud Scott, the executive director of New Health Solutions Oklahoma, said in a statement that Fallin opting not to call a special session is not in reality a victory for the medical marijuana industry but rather is indicative of skirting her duty to Oklahomans who supported having medical marijuana on the books.

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The governor has said she could expand the special session's agenda if a compromise can be worked out with legislative leaders. We say the starting point should be where things left off in the previous special session: higher gross production taxes for the petroleum industry, higher cigarette taxes and possibly other revenue measures with much of money dedicated to education funding and returning the state's earned income tax credit. 


Someone pinch us to make sure we're not dreaming. The state's legislative leadership is seriously considering the process to alter the draconian State Question 640 that has helped put the state in the financial mess in which it finds itself.

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