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Dear Dr. Fox: I'm a retired communications specialist formerly associated with a major U.S. carrier. I read with some dismay the letter from your peer regarding nonionizing radiation risks from low-power personal devices.

Typically, we design and decorate our homes to fit our sense of style— and then those decor choices dictate our cleaning routines. We dust our open shelving weekly, and wipe down the marble countertop daily. But what if the process was reversed?

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Bills center Mitch Morse has his routines for each game. Some of those are individual, and keep him mellow during the pregame lead up. Other times, he and his fellow linemen are encouraging each other. 

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When he wasn’t churning out classic films like “Lost in America,” Brooks was sharing creative routines with Johnny Carson that must have taken months to develop. His lesson on how to impersonate Curly from the Three Stooges, with the aid of a hot potato and black pepper, will have you howling.

Change up your morning coffee routine with this light, creamy Vietnamese-style egg coffee recipe from @cupofTJ. The custard-like texture also makes this the perfect after dinner dessert coffee.

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There are countless ways to use the clear, plastic containers you often see stacked in restaurants for your own prep. Tall ones are perfect for large quantities of stocks and ice creams, while shorter ones can hide pestos and dressings away. As you are well aware, dinner routines are an essential part of the week, and storing your food prep in easy-to-see containers should help. The best part? These lids are interchangeable, so you don’t have to worry about a stray topper.

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Dear Dr. Blonz: I have been researching the subject of glaucoma and hoping to find nutritional approaches to preventing it. I have not been able to locate much in the way of reliable scientific information. A colleague suggested that you might be able to help. — G.B., Sacramento, California

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To keep your routine running smoothly, set aside a day and a time (Sundays usually work great) to go through your pending tasks, update your calendar, check your goals and create a plan of action for the upcoming week.

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