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The discussion in Washington on health care legislation has once again prompted certain familiar voices to be heard, with Nancy Pelosi prognos…

"The thing that makes it tough out here in all these Countries is that you don’t get any News, that is I mean OUR news. My goodness, I was out here a month before I found out that Notre Dame had lost a game.” — Feb. 7, 1932

"We used to call depression a State of mind, now it’s a state of health, it’s moved from the mind to the stomach. So it’s really with us in spite of all the After Dinner Speakers who have barked for a free meal.” — Oct. 25, 1931

"A breakfast without a newspaper is a Horse without a Saddle. You are just riding bareback if you got no news for breakfast.” — March 6, 1932

"Well, we got so many educated now that there is not enough jobs for educated people. Most of our work is skilled and requires practice, and not education.” — July 31, 1932

"You can always get a body of folks riled if you drag in that their honor has been attacked. Collectively we havent much more honor than we have individually, so it’s never enough to fight over.”– October 4, 1931”

"If every man was left absolutely to his own method of righting his own affairs why a big majority would get it done.” — April 17, 1932

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Apart from the cardinal sin of clichés (“I’m a hard worker” or “I’m a team player”), there are a few general no-nos to resume-writing. Make sure not to let any of the following sneak into your resume and you’ll never be laughed out of the “maybe pile.” 1. Typos and mistakes Check your spelling, punctuation, […]

"I guess I just get the usual amount of mail of anyone that writes junk for the papers, mostly people that sho don’t agree with anything you said in the papers, and showing you where you ought to be calling Hogs somewhere.” – July 5, 1931

"Some of these days they are going to remove so much of the “punk and Hooey”…that schools have become clogged up with, and we will find we can educate our broods for one-tenth the price and learn ’em something they might accidentally use after they escaped. — July 31, 1932.”

Part of the ipledge5 campaign asks parents to make sure children show up to school on time every day and to create evening and morning routines — just like Tulsa Public Schools parent Andrea Fisher did this summer for her daughter Madelyn.

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