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Two months before investigators interviewed a Prague teacher accused of sexually assaulting students, a counselor in South Carolina told police she interviewed a boy who said the teacher raped him while he was a student. The teacher, Billy Smith, was killed in a car crash May 3. The boy's attorney wants to know if police notified the school district or questioned Smith following the report.

Yet while prescription drug-makers have no problem selling overseas at cut-rate prices, they want to kill a program that brings lower prices to rural America. Instead of having other nations pay their fair share, why do these big guys pick on the little guys, namely rural America and its struggling hospitals? Obviously, their sky-high profits still aren’t enough for them!

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Television appearances and tournament wins are incentive, but it's the family involvement that has kept Prague noodler Nathan Williams going since he was inspired to start his businesses after catching three 50-plus-pound catfish on “River Monsters."

VIDEO: One big happy noodlin' family

 Photo gallery: Spend some time with Prague noodler Nathan Williams and his family

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