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A 114-year-old Nebraska woman who has taken the title of America's oldest living person says what she wants most is to eat with her friend after a year of pandemic restrictions.

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COVID-19 hospitalizations among older Americans have plunged more than 70% since the start of the year, and deaths among them appear to have tumbled as well, dramatic evidence the vaccination campaign is working.

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An overactive bladder is common, affecting more than 33 million Americans. In general, the risk for it increases with age.

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Reactions to stings from bees and other insects are usually minor. But if you’re allergic or get stung many times, emergency attention may be required.

Dear E.C.: I have found over the years that some cats become addicted to receiving slow, deep massages on a daily basis, while others prefer a gentle, less invasive touch.

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Areas north of Interstate 244, comprising largely non-white and Hispanic residents, lag others in percentage of residents by ZIP code who have received their first doses of COVID-19 vaccine — 10% to 20% compared to 40% to 50% in the highest-vaccinated ZIP codes in the city, according to state data analyzed by the Tulsa World.

Interactive map: View COVID-19 vaccinations by ZIP code in Oklahoma

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MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — George Floyd died of a lack of oxygen from being pinned to the pavement with a knee on his neck, medical experts testified at former Officer Derek Chauvin’s murder trial Thursday, emphatically rejecting the defense theory that Floyd's drug use and underlying health problems killed him.

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Most of us already clean our bath towels and bedding regularly (right?), but in the spring, add other textiles, like window curtains, throw pillows, blankets and stuffed animals to that list.

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