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Trump's decision to open peace talks with the Taliban and the Afghan government was a smart and pragmatic move, the column says. It acknowledged the reality that the Taliban won't be eradicated in Afghanistan by American military means, and that intra-Afghan talks are vital if Afghanistan is ever to achieve a livable stability, let alone peace.

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From where I sat, it looks like the same country that vilifies Black athletes for kneeling and tear gasses peaceful demonstrators for protesting police violence, allowed a violent white mob to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power, a sacred ritual codified in the U.S. Constitution, and send its freely elected representatives into hiding, the column says.

During this pandemic year, I have spent a lot of time praying for the children of alcoholics and addicts, trapped by one disease that demands we all stay at home — and cornered by another that can turn a loving parent into a frightening abuser at the drop of an ice cube, the squeak of a Chardonnay cork, the column says.

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Blackburn, 69, has been at the historical society for 41 years, 31 as a senior executive, and 21 as the boss, the column says. In that time he's reshaped the state agency from a receptacle for old newspapers and the stuff there wasn't room for in the Capitol to a more academically legitimate and durable organization.

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This school challenges us to be better and take advantage of our opportunities, the column says. We receive testing and preparations for college that will help us in the long run. Our teachers are constantly putting in effort to give us a high quality education. I can say with confidence that it is an experience like no other, and I’m looking forward to how it will grow and teach us more in the future.

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