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Oklahoma has a good bond rating, but the agencies have also given the state a negative outlook because of budget holes, tax cuts, higher education funding cuts and use of nonrecurring revenue to fund ongoing public services.


On the surface, bonds issued by state and local governments don’t pack much of a yield punch — just 1 percent to 3 percent. But Uncle Sam generally doesn’t tax muni interest, which may be exempt from state taxes, too.

When the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation was founded in 1955, the average life expectancy of a patient with this disease was five years of age.

WASHINGTON — Guess what? This isn't a low-wage job recovery. Listen to the media, and you might think that the only kind of jobs being created are in fast-food restaurants and retail chains. It turns out that this is wildly misleading and that the economy's employment profile — the split between high- and low-paying jobs — hasn't changed much since the recession or, indeed, the turn of the century.

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Quicksilver Resources, Dune Energy, Cal Dive International, BPZ Energy.

The average reader in Tulsa may not know those names, but seasoned oil and gas industry insiders certainly do. They are some of the firms that have filed for bankruptcy in the wake of this latest oil bust.

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