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With the first Monday in October behind us, perhaps we can at last put to rest the refrain about how the current term of the U.S. Supreme Court is among the most momentous in history. The court’s terms are like presidential elections: Always, history has never seen one as important as the one coming up. But the wordsmith in me is aware that the rhetoric we use when discussing the Supreme Court ...

A biotech billionaire struck a $500 million deal Wednesday to buy the Los Angeles Times, ending the paper’s quarrelsome relationship with its Chicago-based corporate overseers and bringing it under local ownership for the first time in 18 years.

Billionaire buys Los Angeles Times for $500 million

Amazon raises monthly Prime membership fees by 20 percent

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Legislation under consideration by the U.S. House of Representatives would wipe out any chance of federal oversight of the small loan industry in the United States.

Payday lenders and similar operations charge ridiculously high interest rates to poor clients and then "flip" the loans repeatedly to make sure the borrowers pay and pay and pay some more.

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Before Nate Parker ever considered becoming an actor, and long before he debuted "The Birth of a Nation" to acclaim and talk of Academy Award glory — now uncertain because of his past — Parker was a student-athlete at the University of Oklahoma, earning All-American honors in wrestling.

Here we are, America's infrastructure is Third World-ish with roads jarred by potholes, crumbling bridges, antiquated railways and subpar airports. And as always, Washington's big government red-tape political elites delight in spending hard-earned taxpayer dollars like drunken sailors on liberty, funding pet projects like studying duck penises and building Clinton bridges, turtle tunnels and trains to nowhere.

Since becoming the academy's first African-American president, Cheryl Boone Isaacs has worked to induct a higher rate of minorities and unveiled a five-year initiative to promote diversity in the industry.

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