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Form Of Government

In "Watchmen," the burning of Greenwood becomes a promise — albeit a fictional one. There are reparations, a sprawling memorial and a thriving multi-racial community. As this city now works on its own memorials to the events of 1921, we would do well to look at "Watchmen" — at the way it insists on a powerful vision of justice that becomes a promise we must labor every day to keep. That has always been the utopian promise at the very core of the superhero story, and it's a heroism we can can not just imagine but enact.

That the traditional left-right political divide is increasingly being surpassed by the nationalist-globalist and authoritarian-democratic divide is disturbing and potentially ominous. Left vs. right we learned how to manage, if after a century and a half. Authoritarian vs. democratic may be more difficult. It's not just new; it's coming at a time of profound civilizational self-doubt. In such circumstances, the unimaginable often becomes imaginable.

Most conservatives are pleased that Justice Anthony Kennedy has resigned and enthusiastically welcome the prospect of a new Supreme Court majority that is committed to the model of judging expounded by the late Justice Antonin Scalia. We hope that President Donald Trump will nominate a judge in the Scalia mold. This new judge, once confirmed, will result in a court majority that, for the first time in at least half a century, shares the principles of a Bork or Scalia.

Given the poll numbers for the leading Republican candidate, it appears that the problem is with us, the people, and not with this or that candidate. Wilson was right. We, the people, are the foundation of democratic government, and the quality of our government stands or falls with us.

To the Founding Fathers, democracy was a dirty word. What James Madison and his colleagues wanted was a republic -- defined in terms of representative government, not government directly by the public. "We the People" ordained the Constitution -- but we the people were never supposed to govern directly, or heavens knew what trouble we might get into.

The Supreme Court on Monday considers the question of whether to take the Framers' anti-democratic instincts seriously. At issue is how Arizona shapes the districts for elections to Congress.

"You can say what you please about ‘dictators’ but when he is a good man it’s the best form of Government there is. It’s just like a business that’s run by one good man,…” — December 28, 1930

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City councilors on Thursday night are expected to direct the city attorney to begin work on charter amendments that would increase city councilors

’ pay and require that the council approve the mayor’s choice for city attorney. Voters would consider the amendments Nov. 12.

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On Nov. 6, voters will choose the next president of the United States, and also cast their ballots regarding other federal state and county ca…

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During the Nov. 6 General Election, Skiatook voters also will be asked to cast ballots regarding changing the current town form of government …

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It's entirely appropriate that the week of our July Fourth celebrations should coincide with a moment when the Supreme Court's health-care decision has prompted intense debate over the purpose of our government and what the Constitution allows it to do.

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