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Energy Production


Over the last several years this false narrative that business is inherently evil has steadily crept into the social conscious. It has become commonplace, even laudable among some camps, to criticize corporate America as the antithesis of the working class. Nowhere is this animosity on display more — nor more misplaced — than toward traditional energy producers.

The best way to reduce global greenhouse gases is for the U.S. to produce more of our domestic energy, not less. We have very cheap and abundant natural gas (thanks to fracking), and we should export it all over the world. The U.S. has reduced carbon emissions more than any other nation not because of regulations or green-energy subsidies but because of shale gas. Let's sell it to every corner of the globe, get rich and save the planet.

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As I continue to focus on my top priorities of strengthening education, better training our workforce, improving health outcomes, reducing our incarceration rates, fixing our budget, and getting Oklahomans better jobs, I am thrilled that I will have an ally in the White House who is trying to do many of the same things for all Americans.

In 2017, the Republican-controlled Congress recognizes the opportunity is quite possibly greater than it has ever been before. By working together to reform healthcare, energy policy, regulatory burdens, and America’s tax structure, I am confident that we can achieve our goals and put America back on the right path.

 This election season has created an unprecedented alliance between the environmental Left and the anti-free market movement. The result is a well-funded juggernaut adept at conducting coordinated and sophisticated assaults on American businesses while attempting to influence crucial elections. Their goals are nothing short of shuttering our American manufacturing industry, halting the production of affordable energy and placing a ruling clique of radicals in office.

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