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Elizabeth Warren

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s success in securing the biggest global corporate-tax reform in decades risks flopping in her own country’s legislature, potentially sowing the seeds for renewed international tensions in coming years.

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ABC’s “This Week” — Yevheniya Kravchuk, a member of the Ukrainian parliament; Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease…

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Reports say Joe Biden is considering Kamala Harris as his running mate if he should win the nomination. A look at the competition Harris faces and what she would add to Biden’s presidency. 

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Biden made news when he said unequivocally that he’d pick a woman as a running mate if he wins the Democratic nomination — more fully committing to something he’s previously indicated he’d do.

In many ways, the role of first lady is antiquated, based on a marital arrangement — working husband, stay-at-home wife — that the majority of Americans no longer experience. In many ways, I'd like nothing more than to see presidential spouses of either gender take one look at the job description and say, "I'm a professional lawyer/accountant/librarian, you're going to need to outsource all of these decisions to a professional florist/decorator/caterer because I just don't care all that much about our 'Thanksgiving mood.' "

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