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Bad Guy

Mayor G.T. Bynum, in his own words, proclaimed that he didn't want "Tulsa to be a city where the bad guys win" in response to a question by a KTUL reporter regarding the Tulsa Race Massacre and the search for possible mass burials related to the incident.

The bad guys in this case were those believed responsible for the outburst of violence, death and destruction caused during a 16-hour period from May 31- to June 1, 1921 in the Greenwood District.

For almost 99 years since then, the bad guys have won.

It didn’t take long. Right after the Orlando massacre hit the news, my conservative Christian friends already were posting on social media, stating “Taking away guns or any other rights and freedoms won't fix anything. More regulation won't fix anything. The only way to fix this is a heart change. The bad guys will find a way to kill regardless.”


Making the shift from writing about bad guys and their misdeeds to writing about good guys and their heroics is challenging.

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