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Artificial Intelligence

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CES, the annual gadget show that showcases the buzziest and brightest tech, looks different this year — less Vegas glitz, more internet efficiency. With no physical conference in Las Vegas due to the pandemic, 1,800 companies are instead taking to streaming video to show off new products and technology to 150,000 attendees across the globe.

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Every January, huge crowds descend on Las Vegas for the CES gadget show, an extravaganza of tech and glitz intended to set the tone for the coming year in consumer technology. CES kicks off this week, but thanks to the pandemic, it will be in a radical new format — a “virtual” show taking place only in cyberspace.

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CLAIM: The letters in COVID-19 stand for “certificate of vaccination identification” and 19 stands for “AI,” or artificial intelligence.

 Copyright law draws its lines, and human lawyers (not yet AI-generated) try to color outside them with ingenious arguments. Maybe U.S. legislators will expand the notion of copyright authorship to include nonhuman creativity. AI-generated works will likely receive legislative attention before angels and simians do. But who knows?

Home sales in Tulsa area rise 5.52% November over November

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I listened to four years of my Alexa archive and found thousands of fragments of my life: spaghetti-timer requests, joking houseguests and random snippets of “Downton Abbey.” There were even sensitive conversations that somehow triggered Alexa’s “wake word” to start recording, including my family discussing medication and a friend conducting a business deal.

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IBM’s recent efforts to use AI to predict which employees might quit shows how data science, machine learning and ‘predictive analytics’ are increasingly infiltrating the traditionally stodgy human resources department.

Trump calls for investment in arti f icial intelligence

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Improving diversity in all aspects of our cultural and business environment is an ever-increasing concern in the twenty-first century. While certain strides have been made in ensuring that people of all genders, races, nationalities, religions, and orientations are better represented in our society, these efforts have only just begun. Hopefully, far greater strides are to […]

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