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Dear Dr. Blonz: I keep seeing a video ad that says we should not ever drink spring water, carbonated water or even purified water, because it is all less effective than the alkalized water made fresh by their particular machine.

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Best: The actual CEO of alt-milk manufacturer Oatly sits at a keyboard in a field, singing a pro-oat-milk jingle he apparently wrote himself. “It’s like milk, but made for humans” and “Wow, no cow” are among the lyrics. With obviously DIY ads, there’s a fine line between charming and cheap. This one is way over on the charming side. (But oat milk still tastes like, you know, oats.)

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Worst: One of the few ads to overtly address the pandemic, this one tries a delicate dance: 2020 gave us a lot of lemons — home haircuts, canceled weddings, baseball in empty stadiums — but, hey, at least Bud Light developed Seltzer Lemonade! An extra star for the attempt, I guess, but unless the product has medicinal qualities beyond alcohol, the sunny side of COVID-19 is a message I’m not ready to hear. And if you’re going to bring the reality of 2020 into your commercial, you kind of have a responsibility to have the young adults standing at a party, reminiscing near the Bud Light cooler, wear some damn masks.

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