Dr. Deborah Gist


I applaud Tulsa Superintendent Deborah Gist.

She was thinking about the safety of teachers, administrators, students, their families and all those they come in contact with when she recommended distance learning for the first nine weeks of school in Tulsa, despite criticism from those who want their children to attend school in person.

She recognizes many will become sick and possibly die from this virus if school started back in person.

Yes, it is a great burden on many parents, but they must realize that their own children could contract this rapidly spreading virus and bring it home.

Until all Tulsa residents realize that things are no longer normal but dire and that they need to follow the new guidelines, we cannot halt the spread of this virus.

I hope all who are opposed to Gist's recommendation will also realize that the consequences of starting school at this time are far greater than the benefits.

Gist made the right decision, and I thank her for doing so!

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