GOP leaders, Trump to discuss virus aid as crisis deepens

The U.S. Capitol is visible through fog in Washington.  Andrew Harnik/AP file

Three letters in the July 24 issue deserve comment.

First, I had a chuckle at "President Trump fumbles while America fails" with the reference to"‘Trumpdumpfistan," many a true word spoken in jest, indeed.

Second, in "Liberal media uses prejudicial language against President Trump," a Biblical reference is used to abhor criticism of our president and yet makes claims that are equally untrue.

The writer states that “socialist liberals … don’t believe in democracy … just anarchy” but offers not a shred of proof, because there isn’t any.

Liberals believe in peaceful, ordered democracy just like we more conservative citizens do, they just differ in how that democracy should be administered and how it could benefit the populace.

The writer then claims liberals use some terms that are less-than-endearing. That’s called politics.

I suggest the writer research what was said by George Washington’s opponents during his presidency to learn that President Donald Trump is not the first to be subject to such commentary.

Third, another writer perpetuates the myth that masks protect one’s self ("Wearing a mask to protect myself").

They do not, and no medical expert has claimed they do. Masks simply protect others close by if the wearer is infected.

We will not reach the widespread mask usage that we need until the real purpose of masks is clearly understood.

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