National teacher union supports strikes over reopening plans

Kris Reddout, a 5th grade teacher, attends a Utah Safe Schools Mask-In urging the governor's leadership in school reopening during a rally Thursday, July 23, 2020, in Salt Lake City. Parents and teachers rallied at the Utah State Capitol Thursday morning to urge schools to enforce mask wearing and to implement other safety policies recommended by health officials as the state prepares to reopen classrooms this fall. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

After reading about teachers being apprehensive and worried about returning to the classrooms this autumn, I realized that although they have a difficult and demanding job, some have no critical thinking skills ("'Is it worth it?': Area teachers worry about returning to classrooms during height of pandemic uncertainty," June 27).

I was struck by a comment that teachers could earn the same salary working at Reasor's.

While that may be true, it completely ignores that Reasor's employees have worked the last few months being exposed to a larger number of people potentially more toxic than school-age children.

Also grocery employees do not usually get a three-month break for summer, spring break or two weeks for the holidays.

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