Drive Thru Testing

Medical personnel administer COVID-19 tests at a Wagoner County Health Department drive-thru testing site at Wagoner High School on April 10. MIKE SIMONS/Tulsa World file

I recently retired after 40-plus years as a certified occupational health nurse, the last 15 years in a large medical center.

Concerning the letter "Reasons for re-electing Trump," (July 21)," it stated, … governors imposing harsh lock downs and government tracking citizens who contract a virus."

I believe the president has encouraged the polarization we see now in our country. But aside from that, health department contact tracing is not new or a result of this pandemic.

Historically, the health department has used contact tracing for tuberculosis exposures along with a long list of report diseases (measles, mumps, food-borne diseases, etc).

That is basic infection prevention and public health.

Our experts are telling us what we need to do to bring this pandemic under control, and it blows my mind so many do not want to do what needs to be done in the name of constitutional rights.

We even have people who test positive who refuse to self quarantine because there is no pandemic.

I just witnessed a last will and testament for a teacher friend today.

Lord help us all.

Tana Shively, Jenks 

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