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A group of activists gathered outside the federal building near Third and Boulder in downtown Tulsa on Wednesday, January 23, 2019. JOHN CLANTON/Tulsa World

Behind the current riots that have spread to almost every Latin American country, there is more than just inequality issues.

Disguised Cuban and Venezuelan agents, poorly vetted at the border, have effectively infiltrated many democratic countries to create havoc.

There is no doubt about inequalities in the region. But the alternative of corruption carried out by inept characters sponsored by regimes in Cuba and Venezuela (Castro and Maduro) are far worse.

The General Secretariat of the Organization of American States, based in Washington D.C., has recently issued a statement regarding this delicate situation.

"The recent currents of destabilization of the political systems of the hemisphere have their origins in the strategy of the Bolivarian and Cuban dictatorships, which seek to reposition themselves once again, not through a process of re-institutionalization and re-democratization, but through their old methodology of exporting polarization and bad practices, to essentially finance, support and promote political and social conflict."

The sinister plan is called the "Bolivarian breezes."

"The 'Bolivarian breezes' to which the president of the illegitimate Bolivarian constituent national assembly has referred, have brought destabilization, violence, drug trafficking, death and corruption. The Venezuelan people themselves have paid the highest cost, but the other countries of the hemisphere are also now paying a high price for the crisis caused by the Venezuelan dictatorship.

"'Bolivarian breezes are not welcome in this hemisphere. We strongly condemn the threat of exporting bad practices and destabilization to Colombia made by that person in the Bolivarian dictatorship."

Freedom-loving people must pay attention to its consequences.

Sebastian Lantos, Tulsa

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