How many Oklahomans filed for unemployment during the pandemic?

The Oklahoma Employment Security Commission has experienced record-setting or higher-than-average unemployment claims during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The state unemployment rate was 6.6% in June after peaking in April at 13.7%. The unemployment rate in May was 12.6%.

An estimated 116,602 were considered out of work in June.

I don't agree with President Donald Trump and what he is doing with the unemployment income people need to support their families.

How are people supposed to find a job when COVID-19 is still active in over half the world?

So why does Trump think it is OK for people to go back to work? Why would Trump want to make us do something like that knowing we could get the coronavirus?

I personally think Trump should rethink extending the weekly $600.

This would allow people to keep their homes and support their families without worry.

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