Bruce Plante Cartoon: Governor Stitt's big gamble - SMALLER

I do not understand Gov. Kevin Stitt's position regarding the Indian gaming compact that grants tribes which have signed the compact certain exclusive rights. Those compacts, agreed to in 2005, are available online and the key section, part 15, paragraph B was printed in the Tulsa World. 

"This Compact shall have a term which will expire on January 1, 2020, and at that time, if organization licensees or others are authorized to conduct electronic gaming in any form other than parimutuel wagering on live horse racing pursuant to any governmental action of the state or court order following the effective date of this Compact, the Compact shall automatically renew for successive additional fifteen-year terms; provided that, within one hundred eighty (180) days of the expiration of this Compact or any renewal thereof, either the tribe or the state, acting through its Governor, may request to renegotiate the terms.”

Gov. Stitt needed to leave things alone, then after Jan. 1 "request to renegotiate the terms" of subsections A and E of part 11 of the compact. Those subsections pertain to the money the state receives.

I'm sure Gov. Stitt feels he can get the state a better deal, and maybe it is time to renegotiate. But turning our indigenous Oklahomans into adversaries is the wrong way to conduct business.

I ask the governor to please read the compact with new eyes and play nice with our Indian neighbors.

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