Editorial cartoonist Bruce Plante’s cartoon depicting a moat with alligators and snakes is in extremely poor taste and is far from funny.

The Trump administration is doing everything possible to stem the tide of people entering the country illegally and asylum seekers who refuse to follow our laws and procedures for admittance.

These people, at about 500,000 year-to-date in August, have overwhelmed our entrance facilities. A country is defined by its borders.

We have an obligation to protect and defend these borders and the laws and procedures established for applicants to enter.

When these laws and procedures are violated in the extreme, we must respond in the extreme. Our tax dollars are better spent on productive measures rather than having to accommodate the influx of people trying to gain illegal entrance.

This wave from Central America and Mexico along with the open borders crowd want to turn the U.S. into Latinosville.

Are there not too many people living here illegally (11 million) now? Americans must decide who comes in and who does not.

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