Sisu Youth Services

Sisu Youth Services, lockers in a dorm room. Tuesday, February 26, 2019. Photo by Doug Hoke/The Oklahoman

I want to bring awareness to a commonly occurring situation in this country needing more attention and intervention: aging out of foster care.

It is vital that more people know about this situation and how they can help.

Approximately 30,000 youth between 18 and 21 age out of foster care in the U.S. every year.

Statistics show that when a youth ages out of foster care, they can immediately be faced with homelessness, poverty, hunger and many other obstacles.

They often never complete their education, do not understand how to manage finances and have little to no skills giving them opportunities for sustainable and successful employment.

There are programs available to help these youth learn about financial management, training, employment and further education.

These programs need to be more readily available all over the country and should be introduced to these youth early on in their teenage years during foster care.

I implore those who do not understand what aging out means to a youth in the foster care system to learn more.

There is always something someone can do to assist with the improvement and availability of programs to decrease the trials and tragic outcomes these youth often face.

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