COVID-19 in Tulsa

Jean King wears a mask and gloves while shopping at the Reasor’s grocery store near 15th Street and Lewis Avenue in Tulsa amid the coronavirus outbreak on Tuesday. MATT BARNARD/Tulsa World

I don’t understand the argument that it is a violation of personal freedom to require masks in public to help limit the spread of COVID-19.

By extension is it also a violation of my freedom to require me to stop my car at a red light or require me to put my grandchild in a child safety seat when in my car.

Those who say they are not afraid of the virus are missing the point. They wear a mask to protect me. I wear a mask to protect them. I can only conclude that they don‘t care about my health and safety.

Tulsa and Oklahoma are seeing exponential growth in the spread of the virus. Of course we cannot stay bunkered in our homes until a vaccine is successfully deployed, but we can all act responsibly, with respect for our fellow citizens.

Please wear a mask in public. And please continue to observe social distancing. We are much stronger when we all act with positive intent toward others and make small sacrifices that will benefit each other.

To the many who have made and continue to make large sacrifices — by closing businesses, by putting their own health at risk to come to work in so many essential, but previously unsung jobs to help us stay safe, doctors, nurses, paramedics, police, fire, grocery, delivery, letter carriers, truckers, teachers, child care and so many, many more — thank you. The rest of us can do our part.

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