As we watch the number of COVID-19 cases continue a dramatic increase in Tulsa, it is time to reassess our approach to containment of this deadly virus.

While no one wants to return to the days of lock-down the following measures are reasonable, scientifically validated, and should be implemented immediately:

All retail establishments should require physical distancing, the use of handwashing/hand sanitizers on entry and face masks for all employees and customers. Is not unreasonable to require that employers take all employees temperatures on a regular basis and customers have their temperatures taken on entry.

Businesses may decide to provide face masks to customers arriving without them.

The coronavirus will be with us for the foreseeable future and failure to implement modest containment efforts now will most certainly require more restrictive measures in the future.

I urge Mayor G.T. Bynum and the City Council to follow the lead of Mayor Steven Reed of Birmingham, Alabama. He issued an executive order implementing similar changes when his city was faced recently with the same issue we are experiencing in Tulsa.

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