Absentee ballots (copy)

Absentee ballots are sorted in 2014 at the Tulsa County Election Board. MATT BARNARD/Tulsa World file

President Donald Trump has a perfect opportunity now to rewrite, with only one act, what his legacy will be.

Start tomorrow by actively promoting the biggest advancement to effective democracy since the Civil Rights Act of 1964: mail-in voting!

Of course, this would be such an important shock to us who recall the headline quoting Trump that mail-in voting is the "biggest risk to (his) reelection." 

Such a powerfully patriotic act might trump and replace some of his more unwelcome qualities, such as climate change denial, his bungling of the pandemic, racism and dangerous misinformation.

Trump could show us his confidence in how much all Americans love him by making it easier for all Americans to vote!

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