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Duncan teen charged with killing his family; money alleged motive

Duncan teen charged with killing his family; money alleged motive

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DUNCAN — Alan Hruby parked his Jeep, the one the family gave him as a graduation present the year before, a block or two away from their home in Duncan last Thursday, before he entered through the two-story residence’s back door into the kitchen and shot his mother twice, once in the head and once in the neck, according to Stephens County District Attorney Jason Hicks.

Hruby’s 17-year-old sister, Katherine, was outside washing her car, Hicks said. She entered through the front door and rushed into the kitchen, where Hruby shot her once in the head, killing her.

The 19-year-old, who reportedly told investigators he owed $3,000 to a loan shark and thought that by killing his entire family he would be the sole recipient of whatever inheritance money existed, then sat in wait at the house for his father to arrive, Hicks said.

When John Hruby, the 50-year-old publisher of the Marlow Review, returned home an hour later, Alan Hruby was waiting for him and shot him once in the neck and once again in the head, Hicks said.

Alan Hruby was charged Wednesday with three counts of first-degree murder for those deaths along with two counts of knowingly concealing stolen property in an unrelated case for which he was arrested Tuesday and held as investigators built a murder case against him.

Appearing in court, Hruby appeared timid, sitting in the courtroom’s brown leather chairs and turning away from assembled media members. When Associate District Judge Jerry Herberger spoke to Hruby, the teen — thin and at least a foot shorter than Stephens County Sheriff Wayne McKinney, who stood next to him — responded in a high-pitched squeak, barely audible in the hushed courtroom.

Hicks said Hruby shot his three family members with a gun John Hruby had reported stolen from the home the same day as the homicides, then took the gun and a device that recorded surveillance footage to a nearby lake, where he dumped them.

John Hruby reported a missing gun to the Duncan police on the afternoon of Oct. 9. The report indicates the gun, a Walther PPS 9 mm, was kept in the center console of his pickup and stolen between 7:45 p.m. Oct. 8 and 9 a.m. Oct. 9.

Those items have not yet been retrieved, Hicks said. Hruby, Hicks said, then drove from the lake back to his dorm room at the University of Oklahoma, in Headington Hall, a recently built athletic dorm.

While there, Hruby picked up his cellphone, which he told investigators he had left there during the shootings so if his whereabouts had been pinged — a tactic authorities use to triangulate a person’s whereabouts by tracking which cellphone towers the phone reached — it would show he was on campus the entire time.

The teenager then traveled to Dallas for the OU-Texas game, staying at the lavish Ritz-Carlton hotel. Social media posts from Hruby’s accounts show he was with at least two people, a young man and young woman, at the hotel, and Hicks said investigators have spoken to one of those two people.

On Monday, when the family’s housekeeper discovered all three bodies inside the home, Hicks said Hruby was reached by authorities and told to come to the house. While there, Hruby acted “cold” and “callous,” Hicks said.

“I think the only remorse he has shown is that he got caught,” Hicks told members of the media Wednesday. “It’s remorse because he knows his life is basically over. He’s either going to be incarcerated for the rest of his life, or he’ll be on death row.”

Who is Alan Hruby?

On Tuesday, as Duncan police built the case against Alan Hruby, who had been jailed earlier that day on an unrelated crime of possessing stolen checks, there were hints at how monstrous the crime was. Police officers, speaking in hushed tones behind closed doors in the town of 20,000, could be heard discussing the term “capital murder,” meaning a crime for which the death penalty could be sought.

Hicks said he would weigh that option but only after discussing it with family members who belong, in this case, to both the victims and the alleged perpetrator.

Friends and acquaintances of the Hruby family on Tuesday and Wednesday called John a hardworking boss; Joy — better known there as Tinker — was known as a dedicated member of many town clubs, and Katherine was referred to as a strong student and athlete.

However, such platitudes were not given to Alan, who was referred to as “impulsive,” “spastic” and “obsessed with money.”

He had been charged last year with applying for credit cards in his grandmother’s name, then spending more than $5,000 while overseas on a trip provided by his parents.

Hicks said Wednesday that there had been a previous domestic incident at Hruby’s home, where the teenager allegedly assaulted Tinker “about two years ago.” That incident was over money, said Hicks, who called the 19-year-old “an evil kid.”

Hruby, who Hicks said violated his probation on the previous stolen credit card charge when he traveled to Dallas for the OU-Texas game, will be in court in that case Thursday. Hruby had been placed on probation earlier this year, but that case will be accelerated, Hicks said.

Hruby, who indicated in court Wednesday that he did not yet have an attorney, must have one by Dec. 4. His preliminary hearing conference is set for Dec. 17, Hicks said.

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