A National Guard helicopter placed sandbags in a channel between a retention pond and levee near South 49th West Avenue and Charles Page Boulevard on Monday evening.

County Commissioner Karen Keith said the levee has not been breached. 

“There was a boil, which means there was some water seeping up from the other side (of the levee),” Keith said. “And they had done a repair earlier this week, and there were some additional issues in that same spot, so they are using these extra-heavy bags to maintain (equal) pressure on both sides of the levee.”

The helicopter carried two sand bags at a time and made multiple trips to the site. 

"This is a maintenance issue," said Joe Kralicek, director of Tulsa Area Emergency Management Agency. "The levee is performing as it's designed."

Watch a National Guard helicopter place sand bags in a channel between a retention pond and levee next to South 49 West Avenue in Sand Springs. There is no confirmation why that is happening at this time. Staff Writer Kevin Canfield and Staff Photographer Stephen Pingry are at the scene and will provide updates on this story.

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