On Tuesday, Oklahoma voters chose from 14 Democrat and six Republican candidates for president on the primary ballots.

Coverage from campaign stops in Tulsa

In Oklahoma candidates must get at least 15% of the primary vote to have delegates allocated. In 2016 Bernie Sanders here with 51.9% of the vote, while Hillary Clinton received 41.5%. Delegate allocation rules, largely the same as this year, meant Sanders came away with 21 delegates and Clinton with 17.

Oklahoma also has six superdelegates, top party leaders in the state, who are unpledged and can cast votes during the convention for candidates regardless of Tuesday’s outcome. Their votes may be even more important if the Democrats have a brokered convention, meaning no one candidate has come in with a clear majority after the primaries conclude. 

Here's a look at each candidate on the primary ballots, though only five are still actively campaigning. Candidates' names appear as they will on the ballots.