When Tulsa's famous Golden Driller statue got a Tesla-themed makeover last week, it wasn't the first time that the city's icon got dressed up for special occasions.

The icon from Tulsa’s pioneering past has stood on the grounds of Expo Square since 1966, although temporary versions were erected earlier. He received a major overhaul in 1979 and has been resurface since then. He stands 76 feet tall and wears a 48-foot belt and size 393-DDD boots.

The statue's called attention to holidays (wearing a Santa hat), a Philbrook museum bead art exhibition (wearing a necklace), an OSU-Tulsa graduation ceremony (wearing an orange OSU tie), the Oklahoma Scottish Festival (wearing the "world's largest kilt") and more before its current Tesla attire.

Check out photos of the Golden Driller through the years here.