Three teenagers were arrested Sunday morning after a home-invasion robbery in east Tulsa.

Police were called about 6:50 a.m. to the Coventry Apartments, located in the 6300 block of South 82nd East Avenue, where a woman told officers she was asleep when she heard a knock at her door, according to a Tulsa Police Department news release.

Two people kicked in the door while the victim was getting out of bed, and one of them brandished a gun at her, she told the officers.

One of the intruders demanded money from her, and the other took her wallet and car keys, police reported. The woman followed the robbers out of her apartment to try to prevent them from stealing her car, she told police.

But a third person was already sitting in her vehicle, and he threatened to assault her if she didn't back away.

The woman told the officers that she recognized the three people involved and provided police with their names and address, according to the release.

The victim told officers that the two people who entered her residence were Aundrey Frazier and Ayiana Frazier and that the person in her car's driver seat was Christopher Nears, police said in the news release.

Officers went to the Contempra Apartments, located in the 8100 block of East 16th Street, where they found the stolen vehicle. They chased two people who were running through the complex until they fled into an apartment, police reported.

Officers surrounded the apartment and eventually arrested three of its occupants, the Fraziers and Nears, all of whom are teenagers, police said. During a search of the apartment, officers recovered the vehicle's keys and a black BB gun with an attached laser.

The Fraziers and Nears were jailed on armed robbery complaints and are being treated as youthful offenders, according to the release.