Sports Staff

Tulsa World Sports staff. From left, front row: Kelly Hines, Kyle Margerum, Michael Peters, Patrick Prince, Stacey Dickens. Back row, from left: Joe Cress, Mike Carrels, Mike Brown, Eric Bailey, Kendrick Marshall, Cody Stavenhagen, Barry Lewis, Mark Cooper, Bill Haisten, Pam Clark and Guerin Emig.

Years in media: 23.5

Why I got into this business: To tell people's stories that need to be told and to inform the public of stuff they don’t even know they need to know.

In one sentence, why is journalism important: If we don’t tell the stories and shine the light, who will?

What three words describe you: Funny, reserved, amicable

What issue fires you up: “Processing” and “handling” fees on tickets. It should cost what it says it costs!

Who are Tulsans you admire: Dave and Desiree Knott

What is your favorite local hangout: The Rail Taproom (Muskogee, where I live) (If it has to actually be in Tulsa, then Elgin Park brewery).

Favorite movie: "Star Wars"

Favorite book: Stephen King’s Dark Tower series’ “Wizard and the Glass”

Favorite quote: Don’t believe something JUST because you read it on the internet. – Abraham Lincoln