Michael Peters

Years in media: 25

Why I got into this business: I loved sports before I loved journalism, so working as a sports writer was a way to earn a living while staying close to something I enjoyed. But as the years passed, I came to value the stories and the craft above the games. So although I started because of sports, I stay because of the journalism.

In one sentence, why is journalism important: As a former editor once told me, “You have to look after the little people.”

What three words describe you: Trustworthy, industrious, sentimental

What issue fires you up: College football playoff

Who is a Tulsan you admire: Barry Lewis. His knowledge of all things Tulsa sports is amazing, as is his tireless work ethic and positive attitude.

What is your favorite local hangout: Hideaway Pizza, any and all locations

Favorite movie: "Pure Country"

Favorite book: "To Kill a Mockingbird"

Favorite quote: “All of my life I have always had the urge to do things better than anybody else.” — Babe Didrikson Zaharias