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How to find the best paint brush set for your budding Picasso
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How to find the best paint brush set for your budding Picasso


Few supplies are as important as a kids’ paint brush set, and painting teaches kids motor skills, independence and creativity. Consider the tips below to help you find the best kids’ paint brush set for your budding Picasso, including recommendations of three brush sets to try.

Choosing a brush set

  • Number of brushes‌: If you’re shopping for one or two kids, a set of four to eight brushes is probably all you need. If you’re buying brushes for a classroom, a large family, or have kids who may go in a little hard on the brushes, try a larger set. You can find some with as many as 100 brushes.
  • Brush sizes‌: Larger brushes work well for younger kids or more basic painting projects, while small brushes are suitable for older children and detailed artwork. A brush set with a few sizes offers the best value.
  • Durability‌: Make sure you choose sturdy, durable brushes that hold up well to regular use. Check out online reviews.

Features‌ to consider

  • Brush shapes‌: Like professional brushes, kids’ paint brushes are available in different shapes. Most have either round or flat bristles. Look for a brush set with various shapes. Round brushes work best for detailed painting; flat brushes are good for covering large areas.
  • Bristles‌: Kids’ brush sets use synthetic materials for their bristles; nylon is a common option. You can also find some with sponges on the ends.
  • Handles‌: Kids’ paint brushes typically have handles made of wood or plastic. Wood is more durable, but plastic is less expensive. Most kids have an easier time using brushes with wide handles.
  • Storage: This can be an important feature to help keep track of your brushes. High-end brush sets may include a storage container.


Sets with fewer brushes and less variety go for $6 or less, while a set made with higher-quality materials and a larger number and variety of brushes can cost between $7 and $12.

Here are 3 brush sets to try:

Brush care

What type of paint should my kids use?‌

Water-based, nontoxic paints are easier to clean than oil-based paints. Acrylics, watercolors and tempera paint are also suitable for kids.

How should I clean the brushes?‌

Massage a mixture of warm water and mild dish soap into the bristles, then rinse thoroughly. Squeeze the excess water out, smooth the bristles into shape and lay flat to dry.

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