Tulsa World Magazine love story contest runner-up: 'A modern romance story, Tulsa style'

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We asked for your love stories and we received dozens of heart-warming responses. Here is a story from one of our runners-up.

I was living in Florida and met my partner, Becky, online using a dating site. Never in a million years were we expecting to fall in love! My friends encouraged me to go online and “practice” dating again. I went online and talked to some nice people and some really, really strange people. I had had enough and was not liking the anonymity and coldness of the online meeting etc. so I logged off of the dating site for about 4 months and focused on my career.

One day, I decided to log back in, and there she was. Her picture popped up in my “possible missed matches.” I thought she was striking. She was so perfect for me. I figured I never had a chance. She lived in Tulsa, and I lived in Florida.

I clicked on her photo and read the funniest, most sincere description of another human I could ever imagine. She said she liked hiking, eating out and “someone who would let her nap in peace and not disturb her.” I took a chance and sent her a message, telling her that I promised if I ever met her I would not disturb her naps! We started off slowly corresponding on the site and then we graduated to exchanging numbers to text. About a week into texting, she told me that she was a truck driver, and I insisted she send me a picture with her truck. I was really wanting to make sure that I was not taking to an 18-year-old boy or an 80-year-old grandpa somewhere. (She sent it so I now had proof she was real!)

We graduated to phone calls then Skype over the next few weeks, and we knew that we had something special but we had to make sure. She invited me to come to Tulsa for a visit to see if what we thought was happening really was or if it was the excitement of the online dating thing. I ran into her arms at the airport, hugged her what felt like forever with strangers around us clapping and cheering! We went on “dates” over the next week I was here to the Philbrook Museum for pictures, Hurts Donuts for midnight doughnuts, Woodward Park to feed the squirrels and Gathering Place to walk around the beautiful grounds. Our connection was real. We may have found our life partner was our immediate thinking. We fell in love.

I had to return to Florida and was so sad. My job at the time was not subject to a relocation so guess what? She moved to Florida and we lived there for about 5 months, but she longed to be back home in Tulsa where she had lived for so many years. She returned here and I stayed in Florida due to my job. We decided we would figure it out somehow. Then something happened.

About 4 months later, I could not bear the thought of being without her. I took a leap. Or as some of my friends said, “Are you crazy?” I quit my corporate job, relocated to Tulsa and we now are living happily ever after, and she gets to nap without any disturbances! I found another job that I absolutely love so all I did was geographically move. I gave up NOTHING and gained my life partner. A beautiful end to a modern-day love story of two middle-aged ladies who took a chance! Tulsa is our home. It’s where we fell in love.

— Keri Kidder