People around the planet know that Oklahoma has tornadoes, thanks in large part to “Twister,” the 1996 box-office hit that showed that, in certain weather conditions, cows can fly.

For all we know, people in some countries think cows fly here all the time.

And that Oklahomans all ride horses and live on farms.

That’s the power of movies, for better and worse.

“Twister” is the most-watched movie with a story that was set in Oklahoma — and which was filmed in Oklahoma.

How big was “Twister” at the worldwide box office? Consider that its figure of $494.5 million is from 1996.

If it sold the same number of tickets today, at current ticket prices, that figure would have been more than $1 billion, a true blockbuster.

That’s something to consider when looking at the figures for many of these movies — some of which were set in Oklahoma, some of which featured characters just passing through, but all of which did some filming here.

These are the movies that were filmed in Oklahoma and then went on to the highest worldwide box-office figures, beginning with the story of Tornado Alley. (With substantial scenes filmed in the state, in millions of dollars, per

From Tulsa World Magazine