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How to choose the best spray faucet for your kitchen
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How to choose the best spray faucet for your kitchen

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Many pull-down and pullout kitchen faucets have different spray head features from which to choose.

Q: Hi Ed: I'm planning for a long-awaited kitchen faucet changeout in my kitchen. I want a pull-down type with a multifunctional spray head. Before I get locked into one type, can you go over some different spray head feature options that I might be able to include?

— Sandra, Georgia

A: Many pull-down and pullout kitchen faucets do have different spray head features from which to choose. See what you want to include, and hopefully you'll be able to find a faucet that meets your local codes and includes at least one or two of the features you like.

Here are some spray head options I've worked with:

Pause: This feature quickly stops and starts the flow of water without turning off the faucet handle.

Ring pattern: This circular spray pattern is great for everyday cleaning and rinsing.

Soft spray: Wider, lighter and softer spray for gentle washing.

Sweep spray: Creates a thin, forceful blade of water, great for sink washdown.

"Boost" technology: This feature temporarily increases water flow with just a push of a button. You'll have a blast using boost.

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