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10 tips to beat your to-do list

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Persona Talent compiled a list of tips to tackle your to-do list using a variety of online sources related to productivity and workflow management. 


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Dr. Scott Jensen, a skeptic of the government’s response to COVID-19, has won the Minnesota GOP’s endorsement to challenge Democratic Gov. Tim Walz in the November election. After a wild ride, Jensen went over the top on the ninth ballot with 65% of the vote. Jensen led on the first two ballots, then regained the lead on the seventh ballot. Jensen’s comeback ended a surge by business executive Kendall Qualls, who fell to 33% on the final ballot after taking the lead on the fourth. Minnesota GOP Chairman David Hann says he does not expect Jensen to face a serious challenge in the Aug. 9 primary,

Dear Doctors: I switched to a new doctor, and she wants me to get a bunch of blood tests. One is a blood test called an A1C. She says it's for diabetes, but I already know I'm not diabetic. I don't need insulin, and sugar doesn't bother me. Are all of these tests really necessary?

Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul is defying leaders of both parties and single-handedly preventing rapid Senate approval of an additional $40 billion to help Ukraine and its allies withstand Russia’s three-month old invasion. The Senate was poised to debate and vote on a package of military and economic aid that underscores U.S. determination to reinforce its support for Ukraine’s outnumbered forces. But Paul denied leaders the unanimous agreement they needed to proceed. He said the spending would threaten the economy, and said he wanted language included that would have an inspector general scrutinize the new spending. Paul's objection would delay passage, but approval seems certain soon.

Pennsylvania’s lieutenant governor and a top Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, John Fetterman, is recovering from a stroke he says was caused by a heart condition called atrial fibrillation. In a statement Sunday, Fetterman says doctors quickly and completely removed the clot. A cardiologist and chair of the Department of Preventive Medicine at Northwestern University, Dr. Donald Lloyd-Jones, says people who develop A-fib are almost always put on a blood-thinning medication for the rest of their lives. He says that helps prevent the stroke-causing blood clots that untreated A-fib can create.

Dear Doctors: I was surprised when I had to have a TB test for a new job and was shocked that it came back positive. I have no symptoms, and I feel fine. How do you get it? Could I have infected my family? I never realized that TB is common enough in the United States to automatically have to test for it.

Minnesota House Speaker Melissa Hortman says she has tested positive for the coronavirus. But the Brooklyn Park Democrat says she won’t be sidelined in the final days of the 2022 legislative session. She says she's “fully vaccinated, boosted, and feeling fine.” And she says she'll continue to participate in end-of-session negotiations remotely. But Hortman’s need to self-isolate will complicate efforts by House Democrats to reach compromises with the Senate Republican majority before the mandatory adjournment date of May 23. Lawmakers have yet to agree on what to do with around $7 billion of the state’s $9.25 billion budget surplus. 

Many parents are hunting for infant formula after a combination of short- and long-term problems hit the biggest U.S. brands. So what should you do if you can't find formula? Talk with your pediatrician or call a local food bank to see if they can help locate some options. Experts also recommend checking with smaller stores and pharmacies, which may still have supplies when larger stores run out. Most regular baby formulas contain the same basic ingredients and nutrients, so parents using those products shouldn’t hesitate to buy a different brand if they’re having trouble finding their regular one. Parents of infants requiring specialty formulas should talk to their doctor if they can’t find those products.

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