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    While other mothers begged their kids to eat broccoli, my mom steamed artichokes with garlic. She lifted the beautiful globes, cooked to tenderness, into shallow bowls for sharing. Today, the mild climate in the Salinas Valley in California proves ideal for growing artichokes and millions are harvested each year.

      In an island nation colonized by Japan for 50 years, many Taiwanese have learned the Japanese language and their style of cooking. Katsu — Japanese-style breaded and fried cutlets — are one of most popular foods in Taiwan’s modern food scene, which means you can find them everywhere — from convenience stores to high-end restaurants.

        When you picture a scone, you probably think of a sweet wedge studded with chocolate chips or fruit. But have you ever had a savory scone? Speckled with sliced scallions, this tender cream cheese scone has a sharp, somewhat peppery allium bite that’s perfect at tea time. You can even split one, stuff it with eggs, and call it breakfast.

          Many people are aware that protein is an essential nutrient for strengthening bones, growing muscles and maintaining a healthy weight. Here are some protein-rich vegetables that you can add to your meals to boost your nutrition.

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