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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

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Society reboot

What is happening in this country?

Supposedly well-educated people are denigrating and disparaging science and the research of respected institutions, while refusing to accept the results and conclusions from the analysis of verifiable data.

Timorous political leaders have condoned the actions of white supremacists in addition to denying reality and refusing to take any actions needed to provide for the safety and security of the U.S.

Fantastic statements that would be, at best, only marginally plausible in a superhero movie or comic book have been accepted as factual by a distressingly large contingent of what should be the adult population.

This country needs to rediscover, enhance and embrace compassion, consideration and respect for one another.

Our society needs a reboot, a recalibration or re-education on what it means to be an American citizen.

Tom Payne, Tulsa

D.C. statehood

There is no good reason to make the District of Columbia a state in our union.

The problem of those living within this area not being represented in Congress was historically half-solved many years ago by returning the area south of the Potomac River to the state of Virginia.

That area is represented by the current county of Fairfax.

My wife, Shirley, and I were home-owning residents of that county while we worked for the U.S. Army and other intelligence agencies located in D.C. during the 1990s and 2000s.

Fairfax County has the second largest school district in the U.S. and has the highest per-capita income of any county, except for the one in Maryland next to D.C.

Maryland would benefit immensely if it could get the northern residential areas of D.C. back.

That obstacle may be because the second residences of our congressional representatives are located in this area, and they don’t want to pay much higher property taxes, if they are moved to Maryland.

Currently, huge sums are given to D.C. by Congress. There are many other non-government organizations that might have to pay their fair share of taxes if they were moved from this tax haven.

The White House and other federal buildings would remain together in a Washington federal district.

S.L. “Hack” Hackworth, Tahlequah

Cheap food

I recently went on a vacation to Hawaii with my family, and let me just say things were quite expensive there.

In Hawaii the problem is not always a importation problem.

For example, even a pineapple, which is grown in the state, is usually about $8 or $9. In Oklahoma, it costs $3 to $4.

I am glad to live in such a state as Oklahoma where people have the freedom to buy what they want without having to worry as much if they can buy food each day.

So I would recommend if you were trying to conserve money to stay in a state such as Oklahoma.

James Carment, Tulsa

No fraud

State Rep. Sean Roberts’ request for an audit of Oklahoma’s 2020 election results is an obvious fundraising and re-election ploy.

The election board secretary said that conducting an audit like that in Arizona is not allowed under state law.

Let’s be clear: There is zero evidence of widespread election fraud anywhere in the country in spite of multiple audits.

More than 86 lawsuits were filed contesting election results in multiple states, plus two Supreme Court cases — all dismissed for lack of evidence!

Some attorneys filing these lawsuits are now facing sanctions over allegations they knowingly made false claims of voter fraud. Perhaps we need to consider stiffer penalties under U.S. Code 1038.

It states, “Whoever engages in any conduct with intent to convey false or misleading information under circumstances where such information may reasonably be believed and where such information indicates that an activity has taken, is taking, or will take place … is liable in a civil action to any party incurring expenses incident to any emergency or investigative response to that conduct, for those expenses.”

The Maricopa County, Arizona, audit cost has already exceeded $3 million.

If Oklahoma has that kind of unappropriated funds, let’s use it for education, where we rank 47th in the U.S.

There are plenty of problems with Oklahoma politics, but fraudulent voting is not one of them.

Jaclyn Wertis, Jenks


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