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Sometimes we get so focused on our current jobs that we forget to focus on “the big professional picture,” which includes our entire career arc—from start to finish. The truth is, we should always think about our professional lives as a journey rather than a single destination and have a plan for the next rungs […]

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These days, it’s cool to be a hyphenate—you know, like actor-activist, graphic designer-herbalist, or dentist-beekeeper. Basically, people who have strong professional skill sets in multiple areas are highly sought after, as industries look for employees who are versatile. And when you throw in healthcare, possibly the hottest industry around, you’re getting into very marketable territory. […]

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You’ve probably heard that nursing jobs are hot right now. And it’s true. But even within the general nursing world there are tons of specialties, so it’s important to know who does what before you commit to the career path. There are emergency nurses, pediatric nurses, travel nurses, nursing assistants, etc. You name the health […]

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If you’re already a registered nurse, or are thinking about becoming one, you might want to consider specializing in labor and delivery. These OB/GYN professionals provide essential support for women throughout the entire childbirth process, in a specialty that is expected to continue growing significantly over the next ten years. What do labor and delivery […]

If you’re looking to start a career in the healthcare industry, you have lots of options. Patient care! Tech! Administration! The entire field is growing, and with it grows the demand for qualified health care professionals. But no matter how many new jobs open up in the trendiest areas, there will always be a huge […]

So you want to be a dermatologist. That’s great! Dermatologists are so much more than just the doctors you turn to for acne treatment. They can save lives, bring relief to patients suffering with chronic and uncomfortable conditions, treat rashes and infections, and do a million other things—including skin cancer prevention, education, and treatment. Dermatologists […]

You may consider yourself an expert in affairs of the heart (or, like many of us, less than expert but determined to keep going), but can you work an EKG machine? How about defibrillator paddles? For those, you need fully trained professionals—cardiovascular technologists. If you’re looking for a healthcare career that’s on the forefront of […]

When you think about surgery, you might think of the scene how it’s often portrayed on TV—a surgeon, plus one or two nurses assisting. In reality, surgery requires a team of professionals: people to set up the operating room and equipment, someone to prep the patient, at least one surgeon, surgical nurses, surgical assistants, and […]

For patients who struggle with the most essential thing in the world—breathing—respiratory therapists can be literal lifesavers. The Day-to-Day Respiratory therapists work directly with patients of all ages to manage chronic respiratory conditions like bronchitis, sleep apnea, asthma, and emphysema. They also work with patients who have had heart attacks, infants who were born prematurely, […]

Everybody job has secrets, but the club of nursing is one with a shared language and camaraderie more intense than most professions. Here are 10 things nurses never tell their patients. 1. They’re pooped Their feet are aching. They’ve been on rotating shifts with high stress and very little sleep. They probably haven’t had a […]

Many nursing interviewers ask similar questions. Fortunately, that means you can be even better prepared to ace the interview. Here are some of the toughest, and the best ways for you to respond: “Tell me a little bit about yourself.” Translation: Am I going to want to be your colleague? Are you qualified enough? Personable […]

Rachel Gillett over at Business Insider has rounded up the 25 best jobs to have now. Topping the list? Physician’s Assistant, so congrats to my cousin Alex, who apparently has it made in the shade. We’re rounding up just the top 10. 1. Physicians Assistant: There’s a high demand for this well-paying entry-level job in […]

If you're looking for a highly sought after, exceptionally stable job in the growing field of healthcare, you've come to the right place: home health aides are poised for remarkable success in the years ahead. Not sure whether a career as a home health aide is right for you? Read on to learn everything you […]

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