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Looking to land that perfect job? Educate yourself on the latest occupational trends and get the highlights on what’s happening in the employment industry.

Gender diversity is still a work in progress for most industries (particularly when it comes to pay disparities and hiring for executive or leadership roles), but some are further along than others. One field that still has a significant gap between men and women is STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Although more women are […]

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When you hear about “hot” jobs these days, they’re typically white-collar or traditional office jobs in the tech or healthcare sectors. But there are also lots of high-paying, fulfilling jobs that are more physical, or that operate outside of the 9-to-5 cubicle life. If you’re looking for something outside an office, here are some highly […]

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Fall is just getting started, but that means it’s time to start thinking about potential seasonal jobs. If you’re looking for work this fall or during the holiday season (hiring for which happens sooner than you might think), here are some great options to consider. 1. Holiday delivery driver Think about all the Amazon packages […]

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Whether you’re looking for a change or trying to figure out where to direct your career path, salary is a huge consideration when planning your next job move. According to’s most recent highest-paying jobs survey, tech and healthcare are the hottest fields right now, with great salary potential. And if you have strong management […]

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Attention entrepreneurs: Are you eager to kickstart your own business? Of course, the notion of being your own boss and taking your idea, nurturing it with some hard work and ingenuity, and grabbing hold of a little luck in order to turn it into a successful venture is an exciting prospect—and you may be itching […]

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When it comes to workplace trends, it can seem like Millennials are the only ones facing changes and making changes. But if you happen to be a non-Millennial, like millions of American workers, it can be hard to see where you fit in with the changing workplace landscape. If you’re a Baby Boomer (born approximately […]

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Stress at work happens to everyone—it comes and goes, no matter how much you love what you do. Its causes can range from something fleeting, like an unusually heavy workload one week, to something more serious, like a toxic managerial environment. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, 40% of American workers […]

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Even in a good economy, with significant job growth and high employment, there are shifts that favor some industries over others. According to a recent Careerbuilder study, this means good news and bad news for the U.S. job scene between now and 2023. First, the bad news: middle-wage jobs (like customer service representatives, maintenance workers, […]

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When you’re thinking about your career path, you probably consider things like location, education level, skills you already have (or are willing to build), and other highly practical concerns. But have you ever thought about what job would match your personality? Finding a career that dovetails with your personality type can absolutely help you build […]

Being a college student can be rough work—on top of juggling a heavy class load with extracurricular activities and social opportunities, many students look to take on some type of part-time employment, either to help pay for school or for extra spending money. That’s a lot to handle, and it’s exactly why students should make […]

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The start of 2018 also means a new year for nurses! If you’re a nurse, you may be wondering what’s in store for you in the coming year—both individually and for the field of nursing in general. Although nursing is a very broad field—nurses are employed in a wide variety of settings (including doctors’ offices, […]

Having a disability can be a challenge, but it shouldn’t prevent you from achieving your career goals. In additional to laws designed to protect individuals with disabilities from discrimination in the workplace, there are a variety of strategies that you can employ to your advantage when job hunting or while on the job—and knowing your […]

Attention Baby Boomers—not all trends are created equal. Each year, we see a variety of new workplace trends take hold, which often vary by industry, geography, and even individual demographics. One of these factors is age—simply put, there are trends in the job world that affect older individuals differently, based on their level of experience, […]

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We live in a world where not all jobs—or salaries—are created equal. While some jobs are glamorous and come with equally glamorous paychecks, others offer more humble salaries—and some of them just might surprise you. According to a recent article on, the average American worker is underpaid by approximately $7,500—this translates to salaries that […]

Your educational path post-high school should be one that works best for you. For some people, that’s a four-year degree (or beyond). But for many others, choosing a trade-specific education and building career skills that way is the most fulfilling and financially viable option. If you’re thinking about opting for a specialty trade school as […]

Whether you’re a teacher or not, you’ve likely heard some variation on the theme of “teachers are underpaid.” Given what all that they do and the power that they hold over the education of children, teens, and adults alike, this is a very true statement—especially when you factor in all of the unpaid hours of […]

When you’re thinking about starting your career or switching careers to change things up, there are a number of important factors: skills and qualifications, the education you’ll need to get started (or move up), and—perhaps the biggest concern of all for many of us—the salary. But while you’re considering all of these very important elements, […]

As far as teaching careers go, the idea of being a kindergarten teacher seems very appealing. The students are young, not yet subject to the social pressures of middle and high school, and eager to learn about the world. Maybe you see yourself singing songs and helping kids take those tentative first steps on their […]

It’s an iconic image from the middle of the 20th century: a telephone operator sitting at a crazily lit-up switchboard, wearing headphones and directing phone calls wherever they need to go. Technologically, we’ve moved on and digitized—average calls don’t need that kind of human help anymore. But what about those operators? Are there still jobs […]

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