Tulsa’s Fellowship Congregational Church put a chain-link fence around its otherwise traditional nativity display this season to spark a discussion about U.S. immigration policies, Pastor Chris Moore said Wednesday.

The nativity scene has been on display for three weeks but didn’t draw much attention until the church recently changed the message on its marquee to say “the Holy Family was a migrant family.”

Warned in a dream about King Herod’s plot to kill the baby Jesus, Joseph fled with his family to Egypt, “where he stayed until the death of Herod,” according to Matthew 2:13–23.

“What if Egypt had the same policies that we have now?” Moore said. “Would they have been turned away? Would they have been separated?”

The fence and the nativity scene will remain on display until Jan. 6 at 2900 S. Harvard Ave.

He doesn’t, however, support “open borders,” Moore said.

“Of course we need policies in place,” he said. “Of course we need security.”

Michael Overall



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